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We are like you. If you’ve found this site, chances are, you’re going through the process of dress shopping, gathering addresses and approving of different vendors. It can be super stressful–we get it. We get it because we are going through the same process–it’s actually part of what made us spearhead this niche of video production in the first place. Knowing how much we had to sift through so many obviously bad vendors/artist, etc. made us want to be a clear choice in other couples’ minds; at least as a way of relieving stress. What do we mean? Well take a look below.

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“So what all services do you specialize in?”

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Our Services

To begin, we offer a flexible range of video services in our packages. For more information, visit our price page.

Highlight Film
Teaser Videos
Customized Style
Revision Requests
Status Updates
Video Link
Full Ceremony Video
Two Videographers
Drone Coverage
Flash Drive
Custom Production

“Some vendors we’ve been contacting don’t really ‘click’ with us–what makes you different?”

Communication is Key

When you contact us, we hope one thing becomes apparently clear to you right away: we value communication. It is part of our mission to exceed in communicating to you effectively. First of all, we are flexible with the communication medium: texting, email, phone, video call, and in-person. In fact, add us on social media so we can stay in touch! Cole and Bree, Wolf House Wedding Videography both have years of professional and corporate experience. We follow a 24-hour response rule–but we are always striving to exceed expectations.

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“I feel like I will be spending all of this money and be left with a product that doesn’t fully satisfy my vision.”

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Customer Service

Secondly, communication goes hand-in-hand with over-the-top customer service. With a video you may think “Okay, they send me a file and that’s it, right?” Nope–it’s a little more in depth than that, well a lot more (if you want it to be). We need to be proactive about executing you grande wedding–let’s meet initially to understand the scope of your needs and desires. Let’s stay further in communication to hone in on the details: poses, locations, timing, setting aside one-on-one time so that we can get some special shots in. Let’s further that in post-production; Sending clips back and forth to nail every scene, remove anything you don’t like and getting the sound exactly how you wanted. This process goes back and forth until you’re 100% sure it’s ready; we know the importance of your video.

“What do you do besides video production?”

Meet Cole

So you’ve read about our communication and customer service philosophies, how about our actual experience? Cole has studied multimedia design and development in academic and professional environments. He has furthered his studies with a business mindset after receiving a Master’s in Business Administration. His corporate experience has taught him to treat all clients like the highest ranking executives he’s worked for. However, executives can seem easy to please when compared to some of the military leaders he’s served under in the Air National Guard. Serving alongside his three brothers at Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base in Lockbourne, Ohio, Cole has served six years to our country. We are proudly Veteran-owned. Now, let’s meet Bree.

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“We’re looking for someone with a little bit ‘different’ background–can you help?”

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Meet Bree

Bree has all the skills and experience you never knew you needed. With a Master’s degree in Social Work, she has THE requirements it takes to reducing stress. Consoling children through Columbus, Ohio–she provides therapy and mental support for countless families in need every year. Bree offers the perfect “touch” to your overall experience.

“It would be cool to work with someone that has a similar background as ourselves.”


Since October 25, 2016 Cole and Bree have been together making memories. They met through mutual friends–it happens that Bree fell into Cole’s backyard during a bonfire. With a little George Strait on the radio (can’t forget the peach wine, either), love happens! And then, one year later, Cole surprised Bree with her family, friends, some pumpkins (a lot of pumpkins) and a ring at Deer Creek State Park. With a planned wedding Fall of 2019, we have selected the perfect barn-style venue and are ironing out the last bit of details, now.

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“Other teams don’t seem to stand for anything–they don’t have something they live by.”

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Midnight Blue

Why Blue? Not just any blue… Midnight Blue. When are wolves active most? With the darkness of night comes mystery–you never know what you’re getting next. Blue for us also represents a brand of trust and professionalism; it is our mission to build a relationship where you know you will be in great hands throughout the entire process.

“Sometimes we don’t always learn the background of who we’re doing business with.”

Wolf House

So, what’s in the name? There are a handful of bits that lead to being named after an animal. Not just any animal, though–wolves are intelligent creatures that form packs; each member of the pack has a key role to perform, and perform well. Incidentally, we like to think of our services individually, as members of “the pack” you’re getting when you choose Wolf House.

To expand on this terminology we include ‘House’ because when we are able to work with you, we take you in as our own: you become part of the pack. Together, we can hunt down and execute our goal. But how did we think of ‘Wolf’? Our last name ‘Ruoff’ has some interesting history, that resonates with us strongly: “This interesting surname is of early medieval Germanic origin, and derives from the male given name Ruoff, itself coming from the Old German “Hrodwulf”, a compound of the elements “hrowd”, renown, and “wulf”, wolf.” Read more: Surnamedb.com.  See more of our philosophy reflected in Wedding Videography: Weighing the Costs.

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