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Caleb Faye V

Caleb and Faye’s wedding was a lot of fun. They held their ceremony at COSI in Columbus, Ohio! It was very cool, as we’ve never heard of weddings being done there–something that will remain very unique to them, I’m sure! They both share the love of science and even paid tribute by mixing a flask at the alter.

We are very thankful that Caleb and Faye trusted us with their wedding film. I’m very happy with the way it turned out and from what I hear, so are they. I’m especially excited because we shot this with a new camera and I think it was worth the investment. We have been upgrading our equipment a lot, lately, so we can deliver exceptional wedding videography quality.

It’s not always about image quality, though. Bree and I aim high to provide top-tier customer satisfaction. If we do a good job and make the couple happy, it really does a lot with putting smiles on our faces. And if we can’t deliver, we take it to heart; we’ll look to succeed next time.

Caleb and Faye, we’re so happy you enjoy your film. We hope it brings you joy for many years to come.

Thanks and congratulations!

Cole & Bree