Bachelorette, Bachelor, or other Trip Editing

We can show you how to take dope footage on your vacation, using just your phone. And then we take it and edit it into a short film; perfect for social media or just to keep for yourself.

ohio couple engaged videography

We, Cole & Bree, are here to assist every step of the way! You can call, text, email, zoom, etc. at any time and we’ll be there for you.

What do I need?

All everyone needs is a smartphone or any other camera will do. Smartphones these days take amazing, 4k footage. And they are easy.

Also think of the type of music you want in the background: we have a huge library of copyright free music to choose from; important if you want to post to social media (prevents the video getting taken down).

How do I Shoot?

We can send more info on how to do the below. It’s so simple though.

  • Setting everyone’s phones to 4k mode and make sure you have plenty of storage on your phones
  • Deciding on everyone shooting vertical (good for social media) or horizontal (cinematic, our fav)
  • The 4 second rule: Hold your device steady and count to 4: you’ve now got wonderful, usable footage
  • Waterproofing: Most phones are waterproof up to 30 feet. We’ll provide info for your specific model. Good to have peace of mind when you’re floatin’

Example coming soon.