The Importance of Wedding Photography and Videography

How to Choose

First of all: wedding photographer or wedding videographer?… or both? We know that photographers are probably higher on your list of ‘must-have’ wedding items. And that’s okay! Incidentally, we can recommend an amazing photography team; do you know how to get a great haircut?–Ask your barber where they get their hair cut, and then ask them where theirs is from… and keep going! Similarly, we can offer the credentials of who we, as a couple, trust the most.

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“I don’t know… I mean, I just don’t think I need both, ya know?”

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Second, But Not Last

Furthermore, wedding videographers are often thought of second, in comparison to the photographer. Wedding videography (from what we’ve seen) is growing in popularity. After realizing the importance of a video, newer couples are wanting to relive their love in high definition, multiple frames per second–this exceeds the definition of a photo; but better yet, it is different from a photo. Being different comes with mystery, intrigue and offers infinite headroom for creativity. The videography process is a fluid and interwoven collaborative between Wolf House and you two. We will brainstorm scenes that match the mood and venue, beforehand. Sending video files back and forth, post-wedding to achieve an absolute masterpiece. In other words, we will chisel the next Michelangelo from ‘Wedding Draft 1’ all the way to the finished masterpiece.

“I’ve thought about videographers a little but, but still am unsure if I really want one.”

Value and Importance

Lastly, importance is subjective–however, let us ask you three questions: Can you imagine an instant mood boost to a sad day, by watching your wedding video? Could you forgive yourself spending all of that money on the actual day, but have no video to see, hear and feel on the days after? Would you love showing future generations where it all began, in a simple few minutes of video? Lastly, relive your bridal parties’ speeches, and capture a snapshot of all your loved ones on that day and year. In closing, the importance of having a wedding video is huge.

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