Top Wedding Videographers in Columbus, Ohio

Beautiful, Everything

Above all, you want your hair to be beautiful. You want your makeup to be beautiful. Your bridesmaids, your groomsmen, venue and overall day to be beautiful. You want your photos to be beautiful–and your wedding video to beautifully capture your magic; the spark between you two and all of the support from family, friends and loved ones. So what’s your checklist for a top wedding videographer, anyways? In other words, let’s dive further…

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“Having so many vendors running around sounds impractical–are they all that necessary?”

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You, You, You

“Lights, camera, action”… or, not exactly. Your wedding day is about you, not Wolf House Wedding Videography. We are a couple, like you, who have been through ‘it’. ‘It’, being the planning, the pushing and the potential problems with weddings. Likewise, when you think of past weddings you’ve been to you may have thought “I think we can avoid that distraction”, or “Let’s do this differently.” One thing that comes to mind (we’ve seen too much of): the camera crew getting in the way or taking away from the couple. Therefore, we have some ideas to avoid that, please continue reading below…

“I don’t know the first thing when it comes to wedding filmography–how do I know you’re qualified?”

Tell Me More

Qualities of a top wedding videographer are endless… A wedding should be a planned and orchestrated production–with some room for spontaneity. Setting up cameras and lighting before the crowd gathers is key to the guest’s experience. Having zoom lenses to stay out of sight when all eyes are on you is very important. With us being focused on video, you won’t have to worry about flashes and shutter sounds going off during quiet and intimate moments. Utilizing a combination of quality low-light lenses, cameras, natural lighting and post-production software, we ensure that you will be blown away by the finished film.

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“You guys are probably out of reach from our venue, thanks, but I will keep looking.”

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Dreams = Realities

By serving a huge radius in central, Ohio, we are very optimistic to working together. If you think we may be out of your reach, please at least ask us before deciding it wouldn’t work. Part of our happiness comes from helping other couples get the production they’ve dreamt about.