Wedding Videography: Weighing the Costs

Photo & Video

By the time you add everything up: weddings are expensive! Likewise, when does it stop being a good idea to keep adding things to the event? Our advice: keep it simple. This day is about you, your love, and your loved one’s support. That being said, it’s important to nail down those few details–which can be done a couple of different ways. Firstly, we’d recommend both a photographer and a wedding videographer. A photographer will capture everyone in a posed, professional manner. Above all, the videographer duo will candidly reimagine the day and everyone’s true nature. As a result, there will be less interpretation from future generations to come–they will see exactly who everyone was on that day: that value will be seen indefinitely.

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“With the big ticket items out of the way, I can focus on making the rest of my budget count!”

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Subsequently, once you nail down the biggest details, mentioned above, then you can easily decide on the little things (that add up quickly). Incidentally, those minor details are usually the ones that are easier to utilize cost cutting strategies: we saved big time on just switching out the style of chairs. Another tip we learned: flowers are another huge way to save some money. Ask us about the unlikely place we found our floral deal.

“In addition, I just can’t justify a specific price point.”

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Furthermore, at Wolf House, we want to ensure our clients feel they are getting value from their money’s worth as well. With Wolf being our passion project, we do this on our own time and try to have the price reflect fairness to ourselves, you and our talent. Lastly, please feel free to contact us anytime about our pricing strategies.

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