Matthew and Christina’s Wedding Video

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matthew christina ohio wedding video

Matthew and Christina’s wedding video turned out amazingly on a beautiful Ohio day! Not only did we get the chance to film at the beautiful Orchard House, there was a really cool spot that the groom got ready at–making for some spectacular shots. We are so blessed to be able to have captured the couple’s event of a lifetime. The weather was so astounding that I had to break out the drone. In the video you can see the intro title scene–there actually used to be a flag pole in that shot but I was able to remove it in Adobe After Effects; did you notice? The pole was flag less, otherwise–you know we’d happily fly the ol’ Red White & Blue!

By now, the couple is happily backpacking up a Canadian mountain (how jealous we are?). They were able to get just enough cell phone reception to give the final approval on their film. We shot the film on Saturday and delivered it 6 days later (a new record). Of course not all films will have a turnaround quite like this; it’s still good to see we are finding more and more efficiencies in our workflow to deliver faster, higher quality content.


Thanks Matt and Christina.

See you soon, guys!

Cole & Bree