Wedding Films

Creative Videography

“We are looking for something different, that our competitors haven’t done before.”


Look closely at the ice cream cone. Did you notice the drip? This subtle addition of motion added to this otherwise static image is known as a cinemagraph. This type of media requires special planning and creativity. You can display your cinemagraphs anywhere: your storefront, website, facebook, etc. We’d love to see yours ‘hung’ as a monitor on the wall–think of it as a framed photo, only more!

“Cinemagraphs sound like the perfect idea to showcase our new product line!”

Creatively Exciting

Another cinemagraph example. Combining filmography and photography, we can spark interest in any audience with these moving pictures. Look closely at the straw while Bree sips some delicious Bubble Tea from Siam Hibachi in Grove City, Ohio. A lot of the intrigue comes from the already captivating image composition–and enhanced by the subtle animation.

“We just need an event recorded so we can post to our social media page. Is that something you can take care of for us?”

Emotion & Event Filming

Wolf will film a handful of different event types, as long as they align with our mission, and values. We can even splice together a montage of clips we’ve filmed in a quick turnaround time scenario. Let’s say you’re hosting an event that we film–and you want to summarize that event with the film clips: with the right timing, we can make it happen!

“What other video formats can you offer? We aren’t quite set yet on the style we are going for.”

Interview & Informational

Do you require and interview or narrative format for your next video project? We have the experience! We can also work together to brainstorm whatever format you may need–let’s try something new! Videos you see on this site are often reliant on critique, back-and-forth communication and nailing the details down. We want to make sure your film exceeds expectations, and we help accomplish this by professional communication. Learn more about our customer satisfaction process.

Other Design Work

concept image

Conceptual Design

Years of digital and print experience allow us to come up with unique designs that still meet the end goal while addressing the target audience, appropriately. Working directly with marketing teams, there is a level of understanding involved inside the Wolf team: we’re here to execute our goal, and exceed the client’s vision.

Consistent Brand Standards

Through developing, maintaining and upholding a set of brand guidelines, you as a company are in good hands when it comes to consistency. We will utilize the likeness of your brand when creating content–ensuring confusion-less customers and campaign audience.

brand flyer

Information Presentation

Utilizing the Adobe suite, presenting an asset to the decision maker will be a painless and effective process. Efficiency in strong communication is important in every aspect of a prestigious company. We want to make any project as efficient as possible–and it’s apparent in the way we deliver assets.

Multimedia Professional

Covering a broad spectrum of creativity, design, digital, print, management, production and other abilities; Wolf is a one-stop shop for high quality and quantity. Knowing when to concentrate on the details of a project, and how not to spread ourselves thin are important skills that run deep with us.

professional picture