Shane and Kaitlyn’s Wedding Film

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shane and kaitlyn wedding film ohio

Shane and Kaitlyn’s anniversary/wedding celebration was a huge hit. We were very fortunate to be able to shoot for them this season. Cheers Chalet, in Lancaster made for a beautiful setting–our first time there!

The couple originally got married last year (on the same date), in Ibiza, Spain–I still wish we could’ve filmed that one, too 🙂

This time around, we used some fresh filming techniques to help boost the overall product. This is the first wedding video we were able to use our new color grading software on: DaVinci Resolve. Color grading is kind of like presets for Lightroom, but more advanced. We developed the look for Shane and Kaitlyn’s film from the ground up. From the high dynamic range settings in our camera, to the color saturation in the shadows and highlights, and skin tones, in Resolve. We were also able to utilize a new camera on their big day, and new audio equipment.

We wish the couple many more years of proven happiness.

Thanks and congratulations!

Cole & Bree